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The Marine

Everyone or at least a lot of you have read about the marine who was at a protest in March in Washington D.C., They basically have made a big deal out of the incident and are bent on making an example out of Adam Kokesh. When Adam attended the demonstration he was wearing according to reports I’ve read camouflage fatigues and according to what I have read there was no insignia of any kind on them, everything had been removed. In other words he wore what any of us could buy at an Army Surplus store and attend the meeting ourselves, what is happening here is that the Marines want to make an example of Adam due to his service in Iraq. It seems now they want to remove his honorable discharge and that my friends is how much you are respected for serving your country, now if he had worn anything with his insignia’s on it I could see into this a little better. This is someone who has been there and knows what is going on over there and has seen it first hand and felt strongly enough to attend a protest in plain camouflage you buy from any store down the street and wore it to a demonstration, thank you Adam for feeling strongly enough about something and speaking out. Now let me back up a little it was Marine issue fatigues and that seems to be the main complaint, however, there was nothing on it associating it with the Marines, The one’s making this such a news item is the Marine Corps. themselves.

Read more; Times Argus


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