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Jack Kevorkian’s Mission

Jack Kevorkian has a new mission after being released from prison and that is to educate the masses on their rights as American citizens. Kevorkian claims to have helped over 130 people to end their lives with assisted suicide and after being convicted for second-degree murder he spent the last eight years of his life behind bars he was given a 10-25 year sentence but it was reduced due to his good behavior. Many opinions have been formed about Kevorkian and his methods to assist those who wanted to end their lives, however Kevorkian provided a means of escape from the pain and suffering in their lives and I do not view him purely as a murderer. Kevorkian feels strongly that laws need to be put in place to allow ‘mentally competent’ individuals to be able to end their lives, however, if we happen to get this sick and be in torture and pain could we really make a rational decision? I have seen the torture and pain first hand as well as many bloggers who are reading this post right now, to see a loved one in this condition takes it’s toll on oneself also and the daily witness of one in this condition is an emotional drain on the caretaker. So getting back to the laws that Kevorkian says should be put in place and let us think for a second if it were us would we really be ‘competent’ to make such a decision?

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  1. D. Ox says:

    You raise one good point, another would do with just how “terminal” or close to death ought one be. The problem with the “right to die” gang is that right behind them is the DUTY TO DIE gang who will make all those touchy decisions for us based on some chart out of Workman’s Comp or such! I too have been with folks who suffered a lot up until their death–and had a cancer myself that involved lots of pain and life disruption. It’s complicated stuff, but to try to legislate a system of when it is ok to help kill people will be a horribly dangerous step.

  2. floydsword says:

    You are right OX, and thinking along the lines that I think on this subject. Last year I lost my eldest sister to lung cancer and she was not diagnosed until it was starting into the later stages, they gave her Kimo-therapy and she battled the disease for about sixteen months. The decision to end her life never entered her mind, the last month of her life she could not even speak. But when one does get into such a condition my thinking is this; I would wonder if someone in this severe condition could make a ‘competent’ decision? So let me get to the point, I agree with you it would be a dangerous step. Hey thanks for the in-put into this subject.

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