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Paris Hilton (get out of jail free card)

Early this morning Paris Hilton got back out of jail after being incarcerated since Sunday, she will be put on home confinement for next 40 days and will spend her time at home rather than in jail. Paris was caught earlier this year driving on a suspended license which was a violation of her probation of having also been caught for reckless-driving that was alcohol related. The original sentence was for 45 days but was reduced to 23 days due to her turning herself in. Read more at; USA Today

According to authorities this happens all the time, but it also is much debatable of to how many times this has happened to us ‘regular’ people who don’t happen to be millionaires? Our society today is structured to cater to the more influential people of America, the charges against her were very serious and a driving a vehicle while intoxicated endangers the lives of Americans and their children. These offences should not be taken lightly by any of us and whether it is me or you or a Paris Hilton we all should have to answer to the same laws put in place.


Apparently brought on by public outrage Paris Hilton was ordered back to jail crying and calling for her mommy  as she left the courtroom, the judge actually ordered the police to go and bring Paris to his court, she assumed she could participate by telephone, I know this sounds crazy but that is what happened. The judge ordered her back to jail to serve out the remainder of the sentence.

Read more at; CNN 


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