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Scary Risk of Drinking Colas – Netscape Home & Real Estate

A study out reveals quite a bit and that is that drinking all those colas on a daily basis you run the risk of developing high blood pressure. The study done over a 12 year period showed the significance on the rate of developing high blood pressure came from drinking colas and not by drinking coffee as some of us might think, the result was that caffeine was not linked to incident hypertension but apparently some compound within the soda. This worked for me also when I had my run-in with hypertension but I also cut out the meat except for turkey, chicken and fish and by altering my diet and getting exercise I was able to lower my blood pressure and get off the medication, hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke and other health related problems. A lot of us affected by the disease can significantly lower our risk of the disease by watching what we eat and by keeping a check on our pressure the norm being 120/80, hypertension is also known as the silent killer an example that affected me directly was a friend of mine in which hypertension and the complications caused by it actually caused him to pass away and this guy was of slender build and in his early 30’s, so don’t let the myth of only the large people get hypertension it affects us all, but early diagnosis increases our chances of getting treatment and keeping it under control.

Scary Risk of Drinking Colas – Netscape Home & Real Estate

Read more in depth about hypertension; eMedicine 


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