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Local News | VA hospital officials knew of problems, did nothing, Murray says | Seattle Times Newspaper

 According to this report officials knew about the problems and the conditions were unsafe for suicidal and homicidal patients back in February according to Senator Patty Murray. Sen. Murray took a tour Friday of the psychiatric ward at Beacon Hill Hospital, about 40% of the returning Iraqi and Afghanistan military veterans are plagued with PTSD and other types of brain injury. The hospital has received praise from some of it’s former patients who are saddened to learn of the problems, but the follow up from February seems to be the main concern and why nothing was done. When leaving Sen. Murray vowed to be back to see if the problems were addressed.

At the top Army Medical facility Walter Reed had it’s time in the spotlight  where patients declared that mouse droppings cockroaches and old depleted mattresses littered the hospital, and soldiers said that some days while at Walter Reed they felt as though they were living a catch 22 situation where the wounded manage the other wounded.

I would venture to say that more cases are out there that just fall through the cracks of the system and a lot of returning Vets are grateful for the care that they do receive, because any care is better than nothing, however in a system and administration that has pushed this war for so long need realize that veterans still need our care and thankfulness long after the battle is over and there is a lot more to do in actions than getting up and making a few stump speeches.

Local News | VA hospital officials knew of problems, did nothing, Murray says | Seattle Times Newspaper

Soldiers face neglect 


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