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Squirrel Goes On A Rampage

When I first saw this story I knew it would be an odd-news keeper, I have these small animals all around the outside of my house and my dealings with them is that they are very intelligent and problem solving. These are the little scoundrels that always are eating our bird food and it seems they figure out every obstacle you manage to put before them, having said this, I never thought of them as being violent creatures. This is an article I found concerning a squirrel that is not such a docile creature and apparently this squirrel attacked three people in a German town, until someone ‘dispatched’ the creature with his crutch, the 72 year old was about when all of this happened, I am still laughing about this but it probably is not that funny to the injured parties this happened to. Are you ready? Get this, apparently an expert has linked the attack to the mating season..Squirrel 


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