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China the Olympics and Human Rights

China in preparations for the Olympics is planning to start building a highway to Mount Everest, it will be running up to the base camp at about 17,000 feet and will be a tarmac route complete with guardrails. The plans are to start the project next week, China has also put together the most far-reaching Olympic torch route in history, it is a 85,000 mile with 130 day relay that spans five continents and reach the peak of Everest. Taiwan has already refused to let the torch pass by it’s territory, so we have run into a few problems already on China’s big ideas, Tibet also has disputes with China over the Himalayan area so the project will surely be controversial also of concern is the effect on the ecology. China itself proved only yesterday it cares very little about the environment or the protection of animals that share our environment, as it put the sale of Tiger bones back up for grabs which had been banned for 14 years. Human rights have been a big issue in China for years and to see how the reaction be with many foreign journalists in the area to cover the Olympics it will be interesting to see how China’s censorship of the media play out, because the media will be descending in force there. There are also reports out that children might be exploited there in the manufacture of official merchandise, we have often heard of the sweatshops there so this is nothing new.

China plans highway to Mount Everest for Olympics | Special reports |GuardianUnlimited

Official Website of the Chinese Olympics 


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