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NASA Night Launch :: Firefox Add-ons

This is an awesome theme from firefox, you can change its skin it has sub-skins,,by altering the chrome, found a good tool to download that makes this task simple. To edit firefox easy get the Mr. Tech Local Install, download and restart firefox you will see it in ‘tools’. Now go and install the NASA Night Launch skin for firefox and restart the browser again, now go to the Subskin List and there you can find ways to alter the look of the browser. For example I have this one;
@import url(“chrome://global/skin/subskins/style-2/subskin.css”);

There are many to choose from but this one adds a close up of the underside of the shuttle and clouds in the background.  To install the sub-skin go to tools/edit my config/chrome editor and paste the import url sub-skin of your choice in there. That’s it, firefox keeps coming up with great looking theme’s and with the Mr. Tech Local Install it makes it easy to alter this theme with sub-skins, you can also have the shuttle appear in the about blank page, anyway check this one out you won’t be disappointed.


NASA Night Launch :: Firefox Add-ons


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2 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    I’ve been looking at these Firefox add-ons, but haven’t decided yet if I want to try one.

  2. floyd says:

    This browser skin is one of the best looking I believe I ever saw from firefox, I have been using the firefox browser a long time. A lot of users have said that the new Safari for windows is quite a fast browser, but to me it is not faster. I am still on ole dial-up so I can tell pretty fast who is quicker, the cable is putting new wire up my way so soon I can surf the high speed net and that will be much better. Wow, I have never commented using this theme I can see the font very well. Hey keep me posted if you try this, it is really a neat browser skin for firefox.

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