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A revolting story

 Here is a story that should shake America to it’s core and it should make us take a long hard look at where our society is headed, this is one of the stories I read that makes me think about how the compassion for ones fellow man has changed over the years, we have changed from a caring society into something more grotesque of nature.

On June 23rd a woman was stabbed after an altercation, but the shoppers cared very little for this woman and one snapped a picture of the dying woman with her cell phone and actually stepped over the woman four times who was struggling to get to her feet and no one lifted a finger to help in any way.

Does this actually depict how American society really is? I for one do not want to believe it but the video is proving that some are indeed heartless and uncaring, the police are not releasing the video pending an investigation but all who would comment on this ruthless and barbaric act have let it be know how revolting and unbelievable the video is, it kind of makes one wonder how these people doing those things were raised to have such a small regard for human life.

The Wichita Eagle 

Shoppers stepped over dying woman; one took a photo – On Deadline –


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2 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    That’s an awful, disgusting story, Floyd, but I’m glad you passed it on. I left a comment for the Wichita Eagle. I hope they charge those people who did nothing–they deserve to be in jail also. I’ll have a blog post up later tonight, highlighting this blog and story. I think people need to knwo about this.

  2. floyd says:

    This one really racked me to the core Beth, it was so unbelievable when I started reading this one I could not believe how decent people could even phantom doing something like this.

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