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Livestock Antibiotics Can End Up in Human Foods

 Ever wonder what might be ending up your food? Well it is time we start wondering with article’s like this one, I knew somewhat before that contamination could occur ones food but it seems organic food can be the worst because the growers spread manure on their fields because it is a natural fertilizer and way back when it was a good choice, and even now around this area it could be a good choice. Lately stock producers have been shooting up their livestock with antibiotics and other drugs which eventually work their way down the food chain to us, and that is the problem. Here you can read a study funded by the USDA at the University of Minnesota that addresses these concerns.

Livestock Antibiotics Can End Up in Human Foods


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2 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Boy, this is getting scary.

  2. floyd says:

    it is interesting how these drugs can actually be taken up by these plants and end up in me and you, it is getting scarier every day. Glad to see you back blogging Beth.

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