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N.H. couple evade death and taxes – Los Angeles Times

 Pulled this one from the L.A Times, it seems a New Hampshire couple has not payed taxes since 1996 and says they are in a battle for freedom that just might end in bloodshed. Now lets hold up a minute and remember Ruby Ridge and Waco, these two mentioned did end in bloodshed and as I read the article I believe that these folks just might stand their ground on what they believe. What happened was that it was found the New Hampshire couple conspired to evade paying taxes on a 1.9 million dollar dentistry practice by Elaine the wife. The couple has a 110 acre compound that the government has now cut off the power to including phone, cell phone, and mail service, but according to the report the couple’s home is practically self sufficient. Reading this makes one think that it could easily turn into a very nasty situation, they have been in the home for the past 6 months avoiding a five year prison sentence for tax evasion.

N.H. couple evade death and taxes – Los Angeles Times


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