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Can cholesterol go too low?

In America we worry quite a lot about our cholesterol level and I myself worry over it also, but this study might make us think how low it should go. What is also to bear in mind is that they really don’t know whether the statin drugs could be linked to a cancer risk themselves. However that could be a possibility that they could be a risk, so getting your cholesterol down very low could in fact increase your risk to develop cancer. this is very good to know I myself have very high cholesterol and have battled it for many years, but anymore just about everything that is found to help you in some way could damage you in other ways, also of note in this study is that in addition to the cancer risk those with very low cholesterol could be more prone to develop Parkinson’s disease. I will leave you with this quote from the article;

“Something is going to get us. If we don’t die of heart disease, then we die of cancer or Alzheimer’s. We don’t want people to stop something that we know has benefits.”

Can cholesterol go too low? Study sees cancer link | Top News | Reuters


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