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Pit Bull Rapes 2-Year-Old

 O.k you have this mother on the phone with 911 screaming her child is being raped by this pit bull, why not bash the dogs head in? Well these dogs are strong and dangerous which leads me to my second question and that is why have the dog around the kid? Well anyway this really happened in Buffalo New York and at the bottom of the page you can read the follow up to it and that is police take DNA from the dog, this is a horrible thing to have occurred but so many things could have been done to prevent it. Well you guys be the judge of the mother, but I am sure that you would not leave a dog of this caliber around a small child in the first place.

Most Popular Story – WFMY News 2 Pit Bull Rapes 2-Year-Old


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2 Responses

  1. LYN says:

    Okay, I’m a mother. If something like that happened to my child. My first reaction would be to KILL the dog. I would not be on the phone w/ 911. My child life is more important to me than my life. I love animals. I have a small house dog. But as much as I love my dog. A human life is more important in my book.

    My heart and prays go out to this young child. I hope and pray that he or she can recover and to have a normal life.

  2. floyd says:

    Hey Lyn thanks for coming by and reading and commenting, when I first saw this story I was shocked to know it happened and then I was shocked to read about the mother on the phone with 911. I love animals also like you, but a ‘pit bull’ these are quite large now granted I have saw some as gentle as babies, but to have them around small children that is another matter. I did some follow-up on this one also and found there were 20 people who called in to adopt this dog, the story did not say anything about these individuals wanting to check on the child or anything, and in a way I kind of hold the mother somewhat responsible even if it is only a little, (I don’t want to chastise her to badly) but I feel that if this actually happened in the way I read it the mother should have taken a more forceful approach, like if she could not get a gun there is always the old trusty butcher knife, a few stabs would have gotten the job done and I am in no way condoning animal cruelty (I love my dogs) but this is under drastic circumstances that would require drastic measures.

    Only last week I read another story of a mother who usually dropped her five month old off at day care, this particular day (according to her) she forgot him in the car and went to work at eight AM and got off at five PM, this is in the Georgia sun, and I was thinking how in the name of God do you forget your five month old in the car? Anyway, as of now no charges have been filed for this senseless death of a little baby. Sometimes you read stories that just get you and sometimes you think how this could happen? It saddens me to say that in these times a lot of people just do not take care of their children like they should. Hey anyway thanks for dropping by and commenting anymore you read so much stuff on the web that the media just sweeps under the rug.

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