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Who is helping shape our young people?

 This article states that Lohan ‘may’ get 180 days in jail but more than likely she will have to return to rehab, darn it. All of these types use rehab basically as a revolving door, it seems that a big part of celebrities are either on dope or drunks, but the sad part is that a lot of our younger generation look up to these and generally try and be like them in the way they dress or the way they act. Having come to this point we can see that a lot of these have actually a negative effect on our children and all parents are to do is try to explain in some way why all the bigger than life heroes of our children are dope addicts and drunks, this is a harsh statement but it is true in many ways, whether you are talking about Lohan, Nolte Nolte  drifting in and out of consciousness, or Hilton to name a  few, it is of little wonder what kind of message this is sending to our young people in America today. And still we wonder what is becoming of society as we know it, yet we need only to look around and see who is helping shape our young generation.

Experts believe Lohan may get 180 days in jail – Celebrity News –


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