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Some firefox goodies

A lot of you probably already know this but for those of you who hate all this animation flash getting in the way of your web surfing try out this little firefox extension, it is called Flashblock and you can download it and try it for yourself. It has a white list also where if you want to view the flash on web pages, but something good also that I have noticed since I have been surfing with it is that during web page rendering it leaves a little “f” button on the flash and you simply click it and view it, that is if you want to. Another little goodies is Adblock Plus, which will block those unwanted and irritating ads you run into. So you can get rid of the flash and the ads sounds good to me and you can also add this little hiding helper called Adblock Plus: Element hiding helper, this little jewel helps you create element hiding rules easier. Hope this helps your browsing be a little more enjoyable by getting rid of all that flash and useless ads, try them out.

Update; let me make a quick update on flashblock instead of typing the full web address just begin after (http://) and it will add it to the white list,,so you would go to tools on your browser then–>add-ons–>and choose the options on your flashblock and add to your white list if you desire.


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