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Food in botulism recall still being sold nationwide

Thats right boys and girls the food with possible poison bacteria in it is still being sold right here in America, according to this article coming out of Oakland the food is still showing up from Florida to Alaska. According to the FDA the contamination was a result of the food not being cooked long enough and apparently the longer this stuff stays in the can the worse it gets. You can read about the recall and the list over at Castleberry’s web page via the link, I am sure that a lot of people are aware of the recall and that ‘every’ store should have the products in question removed from their shelves. Apparently a parent company of Castleberry’s, Bumble Bee Foods LLC of San Diego will be investigated by two committees of Congress. Now Bumble Bee I am more familiar with than Castleberry’s because that is the kind of Tuna fish I ate, but I have eat the Castleberry’s chili before and the beef stew. Seems kind of odd all this could have occurred due to the product not being cooked enough, seems even more odd that this is still on the shelves of our stores after the recall.

Inside Bay Area – Food in botulism recall still being sold nationwide

Another article today in the New York Times


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