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Peacock gets Memorial

At a Stanton Island Burger King on the morning of June 28, a Peacock happened to wonder into the parking lot. The employees were quite impressed by the magnificent bird and took bread to feed him, then it happened, a homeless man who was a schizophrenic ran into the lot and killed the beautiful bird. This inspired a former Industrial Arts teacher to create a replica of bird which will be on display at the store sometime in September, the former Arts teacher said that it just flowed in his hands, it is a beautiful example of my craftsmanship. The plague reads; “Memorial to Burger King Peacock. Made and Donated by PRHS [Port Richmond High School] I.A. Retired Teacher CHARLES JOHNSON.” It doesn’t have a date. “I forgot that,” Johnson said.

Memorial to a Peacock Mistaken for a Vampire:
7001 Amboy Rd, Staten Island, NY
[Show Map]
Directions: Burger King. In the southernmost corner of New York State, just across the bridge from New Jersey. Hwy 440 exit 1, then south on Page Ave. for a half-mile. The Burger King is on the right, at the corner of Page Ave. and Amboy Rd.
Phone: 718-356-9230

Vampire Peacock gets Memorial – Roadside America


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