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Americans extremely wary of Chinese goods: Poll

According to the poll 82% of Americans said they were concerned about buying Chinese products in the wake of the scandals involving products in food, some have been mislabeled and found to be contaminated such as toothpaste and other products. An article back in May in the New York Times did a story on the tainted Chinese toothpaste and the poison Diethylene glycol, this is the same product that the Panamanian government inadvertently mixed in cold medicine killing 100 people, the falsely labeled product was said to have originated in China. The earlier report of none of this entering the United States was later debunked when we read the article in USA Today and found that thousands of tubes were sent to state prisons and mental hospitals in Georgia, this came out about a month after the Times article and this in itself makes Americans wary of food coming from China. The FDA in May who suggested everything is o.k by June they are telling Americans that if it’s labeled in China throw the toothpaste away. While putting this article together I came across an article dated today in the Guardian Unlimited and one thing I can’t believe is that in the article according to an FDA calculation we would have to eat about 175 tubes to be fatal? Don’t ask were they get this data because exposure limits for this product has not been established, where they actually get this is based on a percentage, that’s when it will actually kill you, I see no percentage of where you will get kidney damage or failure, cardiac damage or other body failures? What this is used in is Anti-freeze, brake fluid and the like, you don’t want to be brushing your teeth with it. Apparently China’s take on this is that this product is cheaper to use than the product they ‘should’ be using and then you have the so-called experts telling people that a child could not ingest enough of this stuff to be deadly harmful.

Zee News – Americans extremely wary of Chinese goods: Poll

USA Today

Guardian Unlimited

See what this really is; Diethylene glycol


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