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Head of China toy company kills self

It is reported that the head of a China toy company which was at the center of a wide Mattel recall has killed himself. China had announced it had banned exports by the company temporarily, amidst a long line of recalls on the products. The paint used in the products contained lead which included preschool toys sold under the Fisher-Price name brand in the U.S., it is reported that a friend of the company chief sold the fake paint which contained the lead. The recall encompassed about 967,000 toys sold in the U.S, which were manufactured by the Chinese vendor. The monies involved by Mattel in the massive recall is in the neighborhood of $30 million, and shows America that more safeguards need put in place to catch this kind of safety violation before it reaches the American public and in this case American children.

UPDATE; The recall has been widened to over 9.5 million toys in the U.S and 11 million in foreign countries.
China toy company chief said to kill self – International Business –

Mattel Recall

How does lead affect us?; Material Safety Data Sheet


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3 Responses

  1. writingran49 says:

    Wow! I just heard this on CNN. I’m not sure what to say here, Floyd. I guess this person did not want to face the music.

  2. writingran49 says:

    BTW, thanks for the link to my new blog!

  3. floyd says:

    You are welcome my friend,,it seems that way to me also, it is hard to say what the reaction of the government over there would be? They could put him in jail the rest of his life or execute him and I would say this rolled around in his mind, it was a massive recall but it was a very bad safety violation, America was rolling along pretty good getting this lead based paint and other products under control until this. What is so bad is that children are more susceptible to lead poisoning than adults, more controls need in place so that this never happens again.

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