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Texas pastor arrested for dragging girl at camp

 A Texas pastor and a colleague have been charged with tying a 15 year old girl to a van and dragging her along the ground after apparently refusing to continue a run at the christian ‘boot camp’, Charles Flowers is the senior pastor at the Faith Outreach Center in San Antonio Texas. For what I gather of this article is that this is a one of the so called ‘boot camps’ where troubled teens are sent to get their life back on track, one such camp closed due to negative publicity when it came to light that participants were urged to become christian warriors and campaign against abortion. I hope this does not hurt all of the programs out there who do help troubled teens, parents who may be thinking of this need to research the program and the people who will be involved in dealing with their children, lately you can read or even watch on television of these boot camps for kids and I would venture to say some could help while there are others which would do more harm than good, and it looks as though the one in Texas may not be the wise choice. Just because someone professes to be religious does not mean they always practice what they preach, so anyone thinking of trying this avenue of recovery should do as much research as possible, but even then the risk is always there.

Texas pastor arrested for dragging girl at camp | U.S. | Reuters

Bethel Academy

Diamond Ranch Academy


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5 Responses

  1. writingran49 says:

    I aw this pastor on television the other day–he really believes he is doing the right thing.

  2. writingran49 says:

    I meant to say “I saw” this pastor….

    Sorry, coffee has not kicked in yet 🙂

  3. floyd says:

    You know Beth some of these places could be doing all they can to help the troubled teens of this country and this kind of stuff gives them a bad rap, I am glad you came over and commented on this one I have not seen the pastor on T.V yet but I don’t see how he could justify such behavior as this and with stories like this it makes one wonder why more types of these environments are not checked out? No kind of pastor would do such a thing, I mean a true man (or woman) of the cloth would not think of doing such a despicable act as this, it is stories like this that hurt the ones out there who are truly trying to make a difference.

  4. I went to the camp for 2 years and its not what you think… they’re hard on us butt damn…its a boot camp… thats what they’re supposed to do…i went through alot of hard stuff butt it probably saved my life…i went from a former gang member and drug user to a young adult with a chance at living…the teens there jus complain and exaggerate to get out of a little hard work… they use basic police and military restraints that are completely safe…they are trained professionals…what kid wouldnt complain about hard work and military workouts….




  5. floyd says:

    Thanks for the feedback I am glad to hear from someone who was there, I know it would be tough but am glad to hear you are helped. Just going on the news reports it is hard to say about this dragging incident, that seems a bit extreme, but I am so glad you spoke up it is nice to know that kids are helped through these programs and it is another avenue to be considered in helping our teens.

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