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Man Allegedly Throws Wife From Balcony

 This man has allegedly thrown his wife from a four story balcony and killing her, it gets more bizarre as the man claims that he could not meet the medical bills of his wife who had been gravely ill for some time. Apparently the cost of the medical bills ranged between $700 and $800 a week, the government needs to take a good long look at health-care in this country and act, in other words it is time to quit talking and actually act upon it. Sooner if not later the only people who will actually be able to afford health-care will be the most wealthy of our society and yet the politicians refuse to act upon it because of the most powerful medical lobby, the whole situation of this case has not came to light it is hard to say whether the medical community would not treat this woman or not? Once you get sick in America your fate is pretty much sealed, unless you have a lot of coverage and in the work force that coverage just about drops yearly and the company wants to take less and less out of their profits to pay for any decent health-care, we are being bled daily by the health industry and the drug companies, just one disease like cholesterol costs $110 dollars a month to keep under control and if you have this disease you know that only certain kinds of this drug work for certain kinds of people, to put in perspective I tried the generic form of the drug and it did not keep mine under control, but that may vary in individuals the point is I am stuck with the $110 and that is for one drug. I for one would enjoy seeing the talk on health-care end and some kind of solution started and the ones who are stalling need to be brought out in the open so we can get others who will act.

Man Allegedly Throws Wife From Balcony – AOL News


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