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Police jail McDonald’s employee who over salted burger

Hold the salt, or that is what the policeman should have told the McDonald’s employee who had earlier ‘accidentally’ spilled salt on the burger meat. The employee spent a night in jail and could face criminal charges Kendra Bull age 20 was freed on $1000 dollars bail, and if it had been one of us nothing would have been done about it. Now my ‘two’ sister’s sons who happen to be policeman in Indianapolis will probably get mad when they read this, but the fact of the matter is if it had been an average citizen the cops would have blown the whole thing off, now playing devils advocate I could say that when the salt was spilled on the meat instead of just dusting it off they could have washed it off with clear water.

Police jail McDonald’s employee who over salted burger –


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2 Responses

  1. writingran49 says:

    Sounds like overkill to me, Floyd. When I get something that’s prepared improperly, I refuse to eat it. I send it back and ask for another (or my money back).

  2. floyd says:

    Right you are Beth, now if there were excess amount of salt it could make your blood pressure rise quite a lot,,but like you say when you taste all that salt in the first bite, word to the wise would be do not eat anymore. I have returned food on occasions and my girlfriend on occasions have become irate with some waiters, however I don’t want to make folks to mad that are fixing my food if you know what I mean. It is overkill to say the least, after that first bite I would have taken it back and said ‘hold that salt.’

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