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Autistic Teen Tased

In addition to the Florida student who was tased by police during a Kerry speech another teen was tased in California, an autistic teen who was 15-year-old had ran from a social services center, the teen was returned home but the parents said the police over-reacted in the matter and added that the police should have known an autistic teen was missing in the area. Another woman was tased in Ohio even after she was hand-cuffed causing her to fall and be knocked unconscious, this officer was placed on paid leave, and this is what bugs me paid leave. The system is basically dragging it’s feet when it comes to bringing in line one of their own, in extraordinary cases the situation should be dealt with in more of a manner that suits what is being done, you can’t put the foxes in charge of the hen-house is what it boils down to.


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3 Responses

  1. copper30 says:

    yes i created a poem about this very issue
    your jounalism is good mine is not
    but i hope i have not obscured the point

  2. floyd says:

    Thanks so much for the comment copper30, that was a bad situation some of us brought to light and I am glad to hear that you created a poem about this very issue there is a lot of sad things that go on right here in America.

  3. copper30 says:

    i was just talking to a guy here from wisconsin he sais they use the cattle prod to control cows that are over a 1000lbs easy
    then my question becomes should this tool be used on a 120lb kid?! i mean com’on

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