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116 dogs seized from Montgomery County woman

One for the record books;

CONROE — Authorities seized 116 dogs and several other animals from the home of an elderly women in east Montgomery County.

Houston SPCA and Montgomery County livestock officers on Wednesday removed the dogs, along with five horses, three pigs, two goats, two cats, a donkey and a rooster from her 10-acre property in the 14000 block of Hill Road.

Apparently this woman had been hording these animals for years and there was no abuse and no charges are being filed.

116 dogs seized from Montgomery County woman | – Houston Chronicle


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6 Responses

  1. floyd says:

    Thanks for the link back setfriends

  2. Larry says:

    She is 75 years old, now how did she manage to take care of 116 dogs. I’m surprise she was able to take care of herself.

  3. floyd says:

    Hello my friend that is a mighty good question, I would say the old lady was lonely and just kept acumulating these dogs and things and maybe a little excentric. Larry I have been a great deal busy lately I am going to have to take a gander over your way and check out your blogs I am going to each one and add them to my bloglines so I can keep up to date.

  4. dizzydee says:

    Awe… that is sad! In one way for the animals, but I always feel bad for old people like that. I have seen something similiar on the British animal rescue television program. Those houses are usually in a very bad state!

  5. floyd says:

    Hello dizzydee I am glad you came over and checked my blog out, yes generally they are in very bad shape it makes one feel sorry for the old lady. She probably looked to her animals for companionship and just could not bear to let any of them go.

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