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Newsvine – Man, 70, Charged in Pa. Bank Holdup

ERIE,PA. — Police say a 70-year-old man told them he tried to solve his financial problems with a grocery bag, bandanna and a 50-year-old handgun that doesn’t work.

Yes America it is that bad 70-year-olds are now turning to bank robbery, found this on Newsvine. Apparently he was apprehended based on a description by a bank employee and the gun along with $6,000 was recovered. Donald Cesare is also remorseful for what he had done and made apologies to the teller of the bank, and according to the article Mr. Cesare does not have a criminal record.

Newsvine – Man, 70, Charged in Pa. Bank Holdup


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3 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    I guess this 70 year old has more nerve than one would think, at his age.

    Off subject….I’m trying a new browser called Flock. Have you tried this browser? I just might make it my default browser.

  2. floyd says:

    Tell you what I have tried Larry and Flock is the one I have not tried yet, have tried Firefox,,Avant,,and Maxthon all of these have advantages Avant is blazing fast,,Maxthon is pretty fast also and has a lot of add-ons you can use for it. It has to many to mention really, I don’t know about Flock? Avant and Maxthon both work off the IE core, what I would do is try all and see just what offered me the most for what I wanted to do, right now I have Firefox,Avant and Maxthon all on my computer of course along with IE, on speed I would pick Avant but Mathon has a little sidebar that you can hide until you go over to the left and scroll over it, I like it because of the weather add-on and also has an add-on for Hotmail so I can check that without going over there, has a drag and drop where you can drag your message and drop it and it opens in another tab.

    My advice is to try different ones and see their advantages over the others, I even use IE a little I have it opened now but have everything set to classic windows, I like it gray, I was running IE-6 but upgraded that to IE-7, I like the classic look of windows over XP look. I would give them all a try and see their advantages, I used Firefox about two years very stable browser consumes quite a bit though when compared to Avant or Maxthon.

    Hey when it comes down to it you are not losing anything really, you can test them out and see how they run and then get rid of them if you don’t like how they operate, what spooks me about IE is that I had not been running it hardly anytime when this icthis.exe hijacked the browser and I almost never got rid of that malware. I thought I would have to delete everything on the drives to get rid of it but I changed and got McAfee and it got rid of it for me, I had run Norton about 3 years until this.

  3. floyd says:

    One other thing I forgot to mention is that Avant and Maxthon have a built in pop-up and Ad blocker I like this feature, I don’t know if Flock has one? Does Flock have a blocker built in.

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