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Report: N. America oversaturated in CO2 –

North America’s ability to absorb global-warming gases created by the USA, Canada and Mexico is smaller than some experts thought and likely to shrink further, a federal climate study said Tuesday.

This study is a little different than what we have been hearing, this takes into account of just how much CO2 is being absorbed and off-set by vegetation. The findings do not look good from the stand-point and scientists are seeing that we are (along with the world) contributing far to much carbon for the planet’s vegetation to absorb to really make any affect on the pollutants.

This in turn has an affect on global-warming and the ultimate changing of the planets climate, which affect the life on the planet everything from insects up to mammals are affected by the pollutants being discharged into the environment. The shrinking ice in the Arctic has already reeked havoc on the inhabitants there and the warming of the planet if pollution is not dealt with will be eventually a devastating effect planet wide.

Report: N. America oversaturated in CO2 –


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