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Embattled Oral Roberts president resigns – Yahoo News

The president of Oral Roberts University, Richard Roberts has resigned amid allegations that he misused funds and created a lascivious lifestyle for himself and his family.

Roberts and the university have come under fire since a lawsuit was filed by three former professors last month.

The lawsuit includes allegations of a $39,000 shopping tab at one store for Richard Roberts’ wife, Lindsay, a $29,411 Bahamas senior trip on the university jet for one of Roberts’ daughters, and a stable of horses for the Roberts children.

Nothing has been written in stone yet on this one but think for a moment,,think of all the old people that have given down to their last dime thinking that they were contributing to a worthy cause when instead, they could have been contributing to the lascivious lifestyle of only a few individuals who foolishly wasted their money and all this being done in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. If you do give to causes like I do myself please do as much research as you can on the cause you are giving to, you just might be giving money for someones vacation in the Bahamas.

Every-time I read stories such as this it makes me more and more cautious and even makes me want to second guess just what I’m doing, but I look at these stories as just a few bad apples in a lot of good and that is how we must look at it. If we get to the point where this kind of stuff consumes us we never would give to anything worthy and by doing so we just might be stifling a lot of good to those truly in need.

Embattled Oral Roberts president resigns – Yahoo News


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