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Woman accused of raping 5-year-old

SANFORD – Eleven years ago, Kelly Lumadue, then 21, had sex with a 5-year-old boy. There’s no disputing it. It was captured on videotape. But should she spend the rest of her life in prison?

In June, a Seminole County jury watched those tapes and convicted her of two counts of capital sexual battery. Before she could be sentenced — and the only sentence allowed by Florida law is life without the possibility of parole — a judge ordered a new trial.

What I am reading in this article is that a child was raped and terrorised by a 21-year-old and it looks to me as though they are trying either to belittle the crime or trying to go easy on the perpetrator? This crime would have never came to light unless the video tape had not be discovered, kind of like the crime that took place in Nevada with a small girl who was raped on video.

The woman who committed this crime on the child claims to be pressured by her then husband to do it, looking for a cop-out excuse to terrorise a child and we should wonder how come we read of these crimes more frequent today, crimes on video that took place years ago. The justice system appears to be broken when it comes to punishment for the individuals who commit these crimes, of course it should be a mandatory life sentence for the woman and her estranged husband. By dealing harshly with criminals I believe to be a good deterant to crime such as this and think about she had all these years to come forward with the truth but did not.

Woman accused of raping 5-year-old still jailed awaiting trial —


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3 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    Now this is sick floyd, just how do a woman rape a 6 year old boy? I’m wondering what kind of time that she and her sick husband will get for this act.

  2. writingran49 says:

    Lock them both up and throw away the key.

  3. floyd says:

    This is really sick of the woman and the husband, what is also disturbing is that the case seems to be looked on by the presiding judge as, so, so.

    His reasoning was the boy who is now sixteen I believe had no memory of the fact, like the judge is some kind of medical PHD, that is why I eluded to the fact the system needs repair, hope you guys went over and read the article.

    This court system is in dire need of repair in this country, when you have judges who are belittling a crime such as this, the people involved need punished to the full extent of the law, if we don’t deal with crimes such as these in like manner then the prison system is no longer a deterrent to the crimes.

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