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‘My name is Muhammad’ – Teddy Bear

It seemed the most innocent of school projects. To encourage her seven-year-old pupils to learn about the animal kingdom, Gillian Gibbons asked them to find a name for a teddy bear. Unfortunately, they chose Muhammad.

Now the 54-year-old teacher from Liverpool is being held in a Sudanese jail facing charges of insulting Islam’s prophet. She was detained at her residence at the exclusive British-styled Unity High School in the capital Khartoum on Sunday after a number of parents complained to the Ministry of Education.

Apparently this incident occurred only a month after the teacher arrived and escalated from there, to the 40 lashes, the children are the ones who came up with the name of the teddy bear and the way I read the article the woman meant no insult to Muhammad himself.


One of the students has came forward in defense of the teacher, he said that he put forward his own name in class,,which happens to be Muhammad. Can you believe we came from an innocent student project to the sentence of 40 lashes?

excerpt; A seven-year-old Sudanese boy has defended his British teacher, who stands accused of insulting Islam’s prophet, saying that he had suggested calling the class teddy bear Muhammad because it was his own name.

Police arrested Gillian Gibbons, 54, on Sunday after complaints by parents that she had acted blasphemously in allowing the toy to be called Muhammad. Gibbons, a teacher at the exclusive British-style Unity high school in Khartoum, had asked her pupils to name the bear as part of a project to teach them about animals and their habitats. “The teacher asked me what I wanted to call the teddy,” the boy told Reuters. “I said Muhammad. I named it after my name.”

‘My name is Muhammad’ – school project leaves British teacher facing 40 lashes | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

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3 Responses

  1. Larry says:

    This sounds like a nice treatment for the heart before surgery.

  2. writingran49 says:

    I think this is an over the top response. I hope this teacher is going to be okay.

  3. floyd says:

    This is a prime example of extremists, there was no harm meant, but this is the price you pay living in a country or nation that a particular religion takes center stage, I suppose this could be one of the cons of that. Nice to see you guys dropping by, you never know what story you could read here.

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