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Sage-Too :: Firefox Add-ons

I did not try the earlier versions of Sage the RSS reader for Firefox, but I downloaded Sage-Too for Firefox 3.0 RC-1 and I am very impressed with this add-on. By one click you can open your RSS feeds in the fox sidebar and just click on them and read, using it for blogging works great also, because it will search and find feeds for example the blogs you visit, just while you are reading your favorite website or news or what-ever just click the little magnifing glass emblem and presto it finds them, you can then instantly subscribe to RSS or Atom or Subscribe to the comments on that page or both if you like, if you want a lightweight feed reader that integrates with your browser this is one to look at.

Found out something else about this add-on if you are reading your feeds with Sage and you want to open them up in a new tab, click the middle mouse button, (little roller), when you click your links with this Sage will force them open in a tab.

Sage-Too :: Firefox Add-ons


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