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Confessed serial killer to marry – South and Central Asia-

KATMANDU, Nepal – Confessed French serial killer Charles Sobhraj, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison in Nepal, is engaged and plans to marry a woman 44 years younger than he is.

Both Sobhraj, 64, and his 20-year-old Nepalese fiancée, Nihita Biswas, said they are planning to get married if he is freed by Nepal’s Supreme Court.

Sobhraj was convicted by a Katmandu district court in 2004 on charges of killing a Canadian tourist in Katmandu in 1975. He was arrested at a luxury Katmandu casino when he returned to Nepal in 2003.

Has the whole world gone mad???

Confessed serial killer to marry – South and Central Asia-


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6 Responses

  1. boomergrl49 says:

    I’ve heard about this kind of thing before, and all I can say is that some women are desperate, plain and simple. In addition, some of these ruthless killers could sell the Brooklyn Bridge. Honest to Pete, this just fries me.

  2. Jackie says:

    OMG – there is only one word for her….TWIT.

  3. Denise Johnson says:

    This is quite an honor for her family, I’m sure!

    When Charles Manson is released, he is all MINE, baby!

  4. playjojo says:

    Stupidity has no age. Unfortunately I’m sure she will find that out all to soon. I doubt she will be around long enough to enjoy her honeymoon. How sad.

  5. Lori says:

    You know what will happen next.. 1. she will have a sex tape of herself and her last boyfriend mysteriously be released that she will act upset about 2. she will be seen at all the local hot spots 3. she will get her own reality show 4. people will actually watch it and she will become famous 5. (hopefully) the families of the victims will sue her for all she’s worth and she’ll be a loser nobody back to square one. and, 6. her parents will groom her younger daughter to be a famous as her sister was.

  6. Floyd says:

    Thanks for commenting on this,it is a story that never quits amazing people. Some people must be drawn to this kind of person, the age gap is huge but worse is marrying a serial killer,,lol about Denise and Charles Manson, that’s one that won’t be getting out.

    I can image my daughter saying; hey dad I think I might marry the serial killer when he gets out of prison,,he is really a nice guy just misunderstood.

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