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Blogging Portable from Raven

O.K in my previous post I blogged about this new portable blogging software which is free called Zoundry Raven, I am blogging now from my flash drive to tell you how it works,basically the install took a little longer than normal on this flash drive but I have quite a bit of stuff on it so that might have played a role? So if it takes a little longer for you then you know it will still function good.

When I downloaded and first opened the Raven,window came up and I choose English the install wizard opened and I clicked next,the next window is very important it asks if you want to make it a portable install,put a check mark in that box,next make sure you have your flash drive in and know what the path is,for example right before install it came up and had location in my C:\ drive,,I deleted C:\ drive and added G:\ which was my flash drive.

Then it installed in the flash drive and opened up and what is super good about this is I have Windows Live Writer, and it asked did I want to import my profile from Live Writer and I clicked O.K and it installed my blog profiles from there,which is Kentucky Home right here,Within Reason another blogger blog and my word press blog Blogging America

It has spell checker also but has to down load a dictionary which it did fairly fast, related post in my other blog, Kentucky Home portable blogging on the interface to the right it has a drop down menu that had my tags in it and to the far right is a green + button when clicking this it opens another small drop down menu under your blog title and this has your other blogs on it. The interface is user friendly so everyone should be able to blog with out a hitch so have fun portable blogging from any windows computer,even when we are not at home. One other thing it don’t import passwords for your accounts with Blogger/Wordpress you have to configure them,I will give an example there is a little sidebar in the second window that has your blog name and directly above that it has your account, click on that and view settings for your account you can give it the information from there,wow this post is getting long,,happy blogging guys.


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3 Responses

  1. boomergrl49 says:

    Wow! Floyd, you find some great things!

  2. Floyd says:

    Here is another change you have to make explained on this post;

    If you have the firefox add-on text link,,then a double click will send you there,this portable blogging has lots of potential am glad I stumbled on to this one, glad you came by and are reading,check out this huge tomato I have on Kentucky Home here is the link;

  3. Floyd says:

    Hey this is neat the above links I wrote came out clickable on wordpress.

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