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Supernatural science: Why we want to believe – LiveScience-

MSNBC is echoing what I said previously right here in this blog,,people want to believe and I happen to be one of those people. As Brian Cronk put it; “Many people quite simply just want to believe,” said Brian Cronk, a professor of psychology at Missouri Western State University. “The human brain is always trying to determine why things happen, and when the reason is not clear, we tend to make up some pretty bizarre explanations.”

In the study it seems education plays little if no role in the way we believe in the paranormal, “Perhaps amazingly, [paranormal beliefs] are not related at all to education,” Stark said. “Ph.D.s are as likely as high school dropouts to believe in Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, ghosts, etc.”


Supernatural science: Why we want to believe – LiveScience-


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2 Responses

  1. boomergrl49 says:

    Good post, Floyd. We all want to believe.

  2. Floyd says:

    Exactly and that is what gets me,apparently it is some embedded paranormal psychs from the start that always for the most part in reality we think this sounds highly unlikely or unreal but in other part we think hmmm,,could be. thanks for dropping over and visiting my friend. I think a lot of the belief in “franky” photo above is we would think or hope in life continuing on unabated and always.

    My faith in God allows me of course to think the same thing,which in my belief the “soul” or “spirit” form lives forever it is just up to us in flesh form to decide how we do in the everlasting eternity.

    I better hush I am drifting off onto religion now,the flesh withers away but the breath of life is forever.

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