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Bigfoot encounter in eastern Kentucky in 2000

Alright scouring around the web I found on bigfoot encounters one of the creatures spotted in Harlan County,,here is the story, do I believe it as just another story? Probably but I am one that wants to believe.

Harlan County, Kentucky – early September 2000
Sighting with hairs

A friend of mine, Joanna Carter, saw bigfoot in Harlan county. She was traveling on rural highway 1137 when something caught her attention on the side of the road. It appeared to be about 8 or 81/2 foot tall. Its arms hung ape-like, but it walked in a upright position like a human. The creature did not make sounds, but stared at her as he crossed the road. She stopped and examined the place where she saw him, and found a patch of hair that the creature had left on a branch that he had scraped against. She has this hair sample but is unwilling to let a scientist examine it as proof of her sighting.

This description from the witness in a later exchange of email:

The color of the creature I saw was probably what you define as a brownish/greyish/yellow/reddish mix. The texture of the hair was long and nappy. I could not tell the sex of the creature, but I do remember slight facial features: the head was long and wider at the bottom and formed a stiff lock of hair at the top.

The chest was quite bulky, and was significantly noticeable, as the hands were in the form of that of a humans, only covered in hair. It was running, as a human would run, and appeared to have red eyes. I saw the creature just last week (early June) while crossing a country road.

When he noticed the sounds of my vehicle, he ran swiftly into a berry patch along the side of the road, and then continued running through what I assumed to be the mountains/woods of Appalachia in Southeastern Kentucky. Thank you for your time and patience.
Sincerely, Joann Carter”

Report taken by Bobbie Short – 17 September 2000

Source; Bigfoot encounters

If I keep this up I will have to give him or her their own category.


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7 Responses

  1. i’m still trying to figure out if “Sasquatch” is Bigfoot’s name, or if that’s the name of his species

  2. boomergrl49 says:

    I would like to believe it also, Floyd. Maybe someday we will find out for sure.

  3. Floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping by B…Hello media kingdom

    Sasquatch I believe is a Salishan Indian name meaning hairy man,,

    Salishan Indians were a linguistic family inhabiting the north portions of Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana, a small strip of the north west coast of Oregon, and in Canada the south east part of Vancouver Island from Thurlow Island to Sooke Bay, and all the south mainland of British Columbia as far as Bute inlet and Quesnelle Lake, with the exception of that portion held by the Kutenai, although within the Kutenai area, at the Columbia lakes, is a small settlement of Salish. An isolated division of the family, the Bellacoola, had established itself farther north on Dean inlet, Burke channel, and Bellacoola River. The name Salish was originally applied to a large tribe in west Montana popularly known as Flatheads, thence it was finally extended to cover all those speaking a similar language.

    It is of Indian origin, I knew this but I did not know exactly of what band or tribe. There have been sightings as early as the 1830’s, I mean it is possible that some exist but since the 1830’s that is about 170 some odd years ago, it is our belief in the paranormal that now and probably always instill that belief in the unknown.

  4. coffee says:

    when i heard about the most recent Bigfoot sighting it really got my hopes up…

  5. Floyd says:

    Me to coffee, it got my hopes up also. I mean a lot of people do ridicule it but anything is possible, look at a lot of the new animals found just recently. Thanks for dropping by and commenting hope to see you again.

  6. pam says:

    I have been watching and reading about bigfoot all my life and in search of the creature. I do this on my own. Is there other people that you can talk too, that has similar interest? Or is there a small group that you can be apart of? This is not for tracking or doing any harm to the animal this is for information on a scientific level. And just for me. Could you let me know?

  7. floyd says:

    Thanks for dropping by Pam,I will let you know if I hear of any in the area. I have not heard of any in this area so far but I have heard quite a few stories and some dating back to the early 20th century.

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