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Canadian Research: Plastic containers deadly for your brain | Latest Breaking News & Stories

According to Canadian researchers, plastic containers may be deadly for your brain. Canadian researchers have found that Bisphenol A (BPA), the chemical used in making plastic containers, might be responsible for impairing many brain functions such as learning and remembering

According to him, it could be the factor behind Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and depression.

BPA is globally used in making plastic water bottles, baby food bottles, food containers and dental prostheses
In their research, they found BPA might be leaking into the solid or liquid foods kept in the plastic containers.

Not read to much research on this one but here it is, it seems a chemical in the making of plastics is causing the brain damage, this could warrant more reading.

Canadian Research: Plastic containers deadly for your brain | Latest Breaking News & Stories


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  1. boomergrl49 says:

    What was I going to write about this article?

    I can’t remember, because this header just blows me away. Incredible. Where did you get the pic of the water?

    Wonderful combination of this theme (which I’m fond of, and have used) and the header.

  2. floyd says:

    Thanks B.,I agree it does make a very nice header I got it over at web page headers right here;

    It goes very well with a dark colored theme, One of these days I am going to try and make my own theme, uh, someday. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

  3. boomergrl49 says:

    Thanks, Floyd.

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