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Missing teen hooked on Xbox found dead | Gaming and Culture – CNET News

This is kind of old news I have been slacking a little lately and have just read this myself about the teenager who ran away from home because his x-box was taken away has been found and unfortunately it is not a happy ending and I pray that his family is feeling better my thoughts are with them;

The body of the 15-year-old, who had been missing since October 13, was found on Wednesday by deer hunters in a heavily wooded area about a mile or so away from where his bicycle was found two weeks earlier, according to police and press accounts.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday, but based on preliminary evidence, police do not suspect foul play, according to news reports.

Crisp, according to his father and others, was hooked on the online game Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, which led to concern that he may have run off to join fellow gamers. His story has captivated online communities around the globe–gamers and parents alike–who have been offering assistance, debating the addictive nature of online games, and are now leaving online condolences. A Facebook search on his name currently turns up 87 groups ranging in name from “Help Find Brandon Crisp!!!!” to “R.I.P. Brandon Crisp.”

Xbox maker Microsoft also got involved in the case by agreeing to help investigators and doubling the amount being offered for information leading to Crisp’s return to 50,000 Canadian dollars.

Missing teen hooked on Xbox found dead | Gaming and Culture – CNET News


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2 Responses

  1. boomergrl49 says:

    This is terrible, Floyd. Sounds like a little more than x-box was going on here, within his family, but I’m sorry the boy is dead.

  2. Floyd says:

    You might be right there, seems it would be something more than a game but I have heard some kids are really hooked on these games, sure makes one think.

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