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Army wife accused in arson that killed kids – Crime & courts-

This story is rather bizarre not only in the fact that this woman tried to kill her husband and ended up killing her own kids, something sickening about this certainly is the fact she killed her children but also sickening is the husband in support of her if I am reading this right;

The May 2007 fire at the Fort Campbell Army post on the Tennessee-Kentucky border killed 9-year-old Sam Fagan, and 2-year-old Rebekah Smallwood.

Smallwood’s husband, Army Spc. Wayne Smallwood, crawled out of a second-level window and suffered a leg injury when he jumped. Their toddler daughter, Nevaeh, was not injured.

sounds horrible doesn’t it? read on;

‘Here to support my wife’
Smallwood’s family members stood and identified themselves to the judge in support of her release on bond. Her husband, accompanied by friends in Army uniforms, stood and said, “My name is Wayne Smallwood and I am here to support my wife.”

The prosecutor said Friday that Wayne Smallwood was just released from a county jail where he was in custody on a domestic abuse complaint by his wife.

The accused woman’s mother testified that her daughter has been living in Brunswick recently and is active in the church. Her husband and other family members declined comment outside the courtroom but told the accused woman, “We love you, Billi,” as she was led away in shackles, sobbing.

You know what I think about when I read this? Who is standing up for the children who were burned to death? what is this world coming to?

Army wife accused in arson that killed kids – Crime & courts-


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2 Responses

  1. boomergrl49 says:

    This is horrible, Floyd, and I’m with you. Who stands for the children?

  2. floyd says:

    Gosh I know friend you hear everything on here, that is what I thought when I read this one truly sad.

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