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Lettuce eats burger


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Run for the hills bigfoot to be revealed

Ha, how you like that title? This I believe to be a hoax,the cop said that he would make a lot of money and has been offered over a million dollars already. I have been in some of the most remote places that exist in America and I have not seen any inclination that this species as described ever existed,well not in this century anyway. I believe one closely matching the description described lived in China some odd millions of years ago. Here is an excerpt of the story click the link to read it at the source;

The search for Bigfoot, the maybe-mythical half-man/half-gorilla beast also known as Sasquatch, may have ended in Georgia.

According to a press release issued by “Searching For Bigfoot,” a California-based web site, two men have not only found the corpse of a 7-foot-7, 500-plus pound man-monkey, but they’ve also found a tribe of his brethren living at an undisclosed location in the North Georgia mountains. The men are to appear at a press conference in California with “DNA evidence and photo evidence” this Friday.

P.S I tried the website searching for bigfoot and it’s bandwidth has been exceeded, must be a lot of links to this article and others like it out there.

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The Dramatic Cat Video

This is absolutely hilarious video of a dramatic cat.

The Dramatic Cat – Watch more free videos

The Dramatic Cat Video

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Citizen Group wants to name sewage plant after Bush

The group, calling itself the Presidential Memorial Committee of San Francisco, wants the issue voted on at this November’s election.

“It’s important to remember our leaders in the right historical context,” said petition organizer Brian McConnell.

The Republican Party thinks the plan stinks, and it will fight the measure.

LOL,,this is hilarious, this group in San Francisco wants to name a sewage plant after president Bush. More or less they want to pay him a tribute, they are right now trying to get it on the ballet to be voted on in November.
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Halloween Costume


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