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Army wife accused in arson that killed kids – Crime & courts-

This story is rather bizarre not only in the fact that this woman tried to kill her husband and ended up killing her own kids, something sickening about this certainly is the fact she killed her children but also sickening is the husband in support of her if I am reading this right;

The May 2007 fire at the Fort Campbell Army post on the Tennessee-Kentucky border killed 9-year-old Sam Fagan, and 2-year-old Rebekah Smallwood.

Smallwood’s husband, Army Spc. Wayne Smallwood, crawled out of a second-level window and suffered a leg injury when he jumped. Their toddler daughter, Nevaeh, was not injured.

sounds horrible doesn’t it? read on;

‘Here to support my wife’
Smallwood’s family members stood and identified themselves to the judge in support of her release on bond. Her husband, accompanied by friends in Army uniforms, stood and said, “My name is Wayne Smallwood and I am here to support my wife.”

The prosecutor said Friday that Wayne Smallwood was just released from a county jail where he was in custody on a domestic abuse complaint by his wife.

The accused woman’s mother testified that her daughter has been living in Brunswick recently and is active in the church. Her husband and other family members declined comment outside the courtroom but told the accused woman, “We love you, Billi,” as she was led away in shackles, sobbing.

You know what I think about when I read this? Who is standing up for the children who were burned to death? what is this world coming to?

Army wife accused in arson that killed kids – Crime & courts-


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Pet store chain linked to puppy mills – Pet health-

After an eight-month investigation, the Humane Society of the United States accused Petland, the national pet store chain, of selling dogs bred under appalling conditions at puppy mills around the country.

I have heard of these but do not know to much about them, I would not buy a pet from one of these stores though. Like the Humane Society said in this article these animals are treated like a cash crop, and live under horrendous conditions to say the least, I would also venture to guess this happens to any animals sold to pet stores it is appalling and disgusting.

Pet store chain linked to puppy mills – Pet health-

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Cristina Page: Levi Drops Out of High School

This happens quite a lot in America and well dropping out of school is just not the answer to problems that lay ahead, the reason I did not post this on my political blog is that I don’t think of it being political I know it is in a way since his soon to be mother-in-law is running for veep.

I would hope that his parents and others would have talked to this youngster that well dropping out of school is not the answer and you can tell from reading this that I am kind of big on education, the fact of the matter is I believe that education is a lot of the glue that holds society together, not to mention when I was growing up in this area I saw a lot of the same scenario going on here.

I believe in the long run Levi can and could have helped his child and future wife better if he had continued his education, and it seems that someone should have been there to highly suggest that this was carried out, You are not going to excel by dropping out of high school.

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Cristina Page: Levi Drops Out of High School

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coping a break, woman who microwaved baby, gets 25 to life

DAYTON, Ohio – An Ohio jury has spared the life of a woman who killed her infant daughter by microwaving her.

The jury told the judge Wednesday that it couldn’t agree on whether to recommend the death penalty or life in prison for 28-year-old China Arnold. source; MSNBC News

Arnold now could spend between 25 years and the rest of her life in prison, depending on what Montgomery County Judge Mary Wiseman decides.

And we wonder why these kinds of acts are going on in America,  here is another one;

A 19-year-old was arrested and charged after police said his 2-month-old daughter was burned when he placed her in a microwave, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday. 

Joshua Mauldin, of Arkansas, has been charged with injury to a child causing serious harm. He is in the Galveston County jail with bond set at $250,000. source; click 2 Houston dot com

Joshua got 25 years for sticking a baby in the microwave, the baby got severe burns and he got a free ticket to ride on the taxpayers. Source; CNN News

China got a retrial and capital punishment was taken off the table, apparently she was drunk or that is waht she claims, the jurors should hang their heads in shame, here is her own words when questioned about the incident;

“She said she put the baby into the microwave and started it and left the house,” Williams testified. Williams said she asked Arnold how she got the child into the oven.

“She said she fit right in,” Williams said. Source; NZ Hearld

Now it’s China’s turn for a free ride off the government, this rubs me the wrong way so much I can hardly type it myself, bring back the old west days and get some justice for these cockroaches of society, sometimes the court system makes me want to puke.

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Man accused of raping a young child

HAMILTON — A Hamilton man has been charged by police for allegedly having sex with a young child, according to Hamilton police reports and court records.

This sometimes makes one wonder what kind of world we live today,these are the kind of crimes that make me support capital punishment. As most of you know by reading some of my stuff I am more to the left than right,I would say just left of center but when you read these article’s how can you not support capital punishment?

Man accused of raping a young child

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