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What is the world coming to?

That is the title of this post after reading this story from the UK, about to kids having a kid. Makes one wonder don’t it?, just what is the world coming to;

Alfie Patten, who was only 12 when the baby was conceived with his girlfriend, Chantelle Steadman, 15, was first pictured on the front of Friday’s tabloid Sun newspaper with his daughter, Maisie Roxanne, after her birth Monday.

He told the newspaper that he thought “it would be good to have a baby.”

“I didn’t think about how we would afford it. I don’t really get pocket money. My dad sometimes gives me £10. When my mum found out, I thought I was going to get in trouble. We wanted to have the baby but were worried about how people would react. I didn’t know what it would be like to be a dad. I will be good, though, and care for it.”

CNN News


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Blowing your nose when you have a cold might be harmful

This is an interesting article concerning that blowing your nose during a cold could do more damage than good, the concensus is that blowing one nostril at a time might be the way to go and taking decongestants.

Coughing and sneezing generated little if any pressure in the nasal cavities. But nose blowing generated enormous pressure — “equivalent to a person’s diastolic blood pressure reading,” Dr. Hendley said — and propelled mucus into the sinuses every time. Dr. Hendley said it was unclear whether this was harmful, but added that during sickness it could shoot viruses or bacteria into the sinuses, and possibly cause further infection.

New York Time

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Man arrested for making out with blow-up dolls

Hey have not posted here in a while and ran into to this funny story on odd news from the smoking gun;

FEBRUARY 5–A Florida man was arrested yesterday after he was spotted fondling and making out with a pair of blow-up dolls in a supermarket parking lot. Shoppers called cops when they spotted George Bartusek, 51, getting busy in the front seat of his 1998 Lincoln Town Car, which was parked directly in front of a Publix store. Evidence photos (seen below and here) showing Bartusek’s inanimate partners were provided to TSG by the Cape Coral Police Department.

LOl, what is also funny is the photo they have an actual photo of the doll pictured over at the smoking gun, the guy is oviously unstable I am glad they arrested him and got him away from society at least for a while.

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Grenada Enforcing Ban On Off-Beach Bathing Suits

ST. GEORGE’S, Grenada — Bikini- and Speedo-clad tourists beware.
The Caribbean island of Grenada says it recently began enforcing an indecent exposure law banning bathing suits away from the beach, as well as saggy pants that reveal the underwear.
Police commissioner James Clarkson says violators are usually just ordered to cover up. But the law allows for a $270 fine or six months in jail.

No matter how long one is bound to get some odd news sooner or later, if you thinking about swimming in a bathing suit think again, if you happen to be in Grenada, it packs you with a $270 fine or 6 months in the jail.

Grenada Enforcing Ban On Off-Beach Bathing Suits

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Did a UFO Really Wreck the Wind Turbine in the UK? : CleanTechnica

As we reported earlier this week, a broken wind turbine in the English county of Lincolnshire has officials completely baffled as to what may have caused one turbine blade to break-off and another to have a large, mysterious bend about half-way down its 20 meter length [not pictured here].

Some witnesses say they saw unusual flickering and cascading lights in the area a few hours before the turbine blades apparently broke at around 4 A.M. And that was all that British tabloid, The Sun, needed to publish Thursday’s front page headline: “UFO hits wind turbine.”

Did a UFO Really Wreck the Wind Turbine in the UK? : CleanTechnica.

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