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Within Reason

This is my political blog that leans left of center, I disagree right now with the pundits who insist this country is a center/right country when in fact I believe it is a center/left country. They are not looking at the whole picture here, and I further believe that if the Republicans continue to put the far right in charge of their party like Palin and the like they are getting no traction.

I am a strong believer in God and that is a fact, the left appeals to me in growing the economy from the ground up not the old trickle down theory of heaping money on the wealthy hoping it will somehow stimulate the lower half of the country, when the MAJORITY happens to be middle class and if we don’t have any money to spend, then how, is the wealthy going to make more? Search me.

Everyone as Americans are entitled to their own beliefs and how they interpret politics be it left or right or even you guys are in between and just going on your gut, my strong Union background and civil liberties and individual freedom has forged my beliefs and others may be different, hey, that’s why we are Americans is it not?

Within Reason


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