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Spice up your Cursor

If you are running windows 2000/XP you can spice up your cursor, a neat little free download called CursorXP is a nice little add-on to have, it has been around for a while and probably most already have this but for those who don’t here it is first go to this link;
There you can download the program and install it, when you click on your panel and go to the mouse properties,there you will find different ways to change your cursor. One of my favorites is GlassMaxX.curXPTheme, this is the link when you get there just click the link and that’s it, it will download and install where it needs to be by itself (if CursorXP is already installed) these are neat, you can browse around this site and find many to choose from. Here is a link to another neat one with good 3D affects it’s called; Azul3D.curxpTheme, this one has some neat 3D affects, just a couple to get you going.

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