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Blowing your nose when you have a cold might be harmful

This is an interesting article concerning that blowing your nose during a cold could do more damage than good, the concensus is that blowing one nostril at a time might be the way to go and taking decongestants.

Coughing and sneezing generated little if any pressure in the nasal cavities. But nose blowing generated enormous pressure — “equivalent to a person’s diastolic blood pressure reading,” Dr. Hendley said — and propelled mucus into the sinuses every time. Dr. Hendley said it was unclear whether this was harmful, but added that during sickness it could shoot viruses or bacteria into the sinuses, and possibly cause further infection.

New York Time


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Paris Hilton’s Home Robbed To Tune Of $2 Million – omg! news on Yahoo!

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — A burglar broke into Paris Hilton‘s Sherman Oaks Hollywood Hills home on Friday morning, the LAPD confirmed to Access Hollywood.

According to the police, a man in a hooded sweatshirt and gloves forced entry through the front door of her house and proceeded to ransack her bedroom, making off with unknown properties.


The Los Angeles Times reported that $2 million in jewelry and other items were stolen from the home.

Paris Hilton’s Home Robbed To Tune Of $2 Million – omg! news on Yahoo!

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Former First Cat Socks Dying of Cancer

Remember socks, the Clinton’s cat, seems to be dying of cancer;  “It’s not a happy prognosis,” said presidential historian Barry Landau, a friend of Currie’s. Although Currie opted against invasive tests, Landau believes Socks has “days or weeks” to live.


Former First Cat Socks Dying of Cancer

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Police Say Walsh’s 1981 Murder Solved

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (Dec. 16) – Authorities in South Florida say they’ve finally solved the 1981 killing of a boy whose father later gained fame as the host of “America’s Most Wanted.”

Hollywood police said Tuesday that a man long considered the lead suspect in 6-year-old Adam Walsh’s death has finally been named as the man responsible for the crime. But he won’t be tried: Serial killer Ottis Toole died in prison more than a decade ago.

Police Say Walsh’s 1981 Murder Solved

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Bell County Wins 4A State Championship

Yep we won another championship, Hilton first 15-0 season yep, 15-0 season, congratulations Bobcats, great game, we love ya..

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – It didn’t come easy, but Bell County
capped off its perfect season with a state championship Saturday
The Bobcats beat pesky Bullitt East 15-13 in the KHSAA Class 4A
state final in front of 6,103 fans at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.
Bell County scored 15 points in a row in the second half, then
stopped the Chargers’ two-point conversion attempt with 10 seconds
to play to give coach Dudley Hilton his first 15-0 season.

Bell County Wins 4A State Championship

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