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Smith: ‘Hitler was a good person’ – Yahoo! News UK

Will,,I can’t believe you said this; “Will Smith has stunned the world by declaring that even Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler was essentially a “good” person.”

Smith: ‘Hitler was a good person’ – Yahoo! News UK


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Monday Dec 10 at 10:P.M on A&E

Premiering Monday, December 10th at 10 PM ET/PT

New York, NY — Premiering December 10th at 10PM ET/PT with back-to-back episodes, A&E will chronicle the case files of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), a renowned group comprised of Penn State University college students, in the dramatic new Real-Life series Paranormal State.

Penn State University student Ryan Buell gets a call from a client telling him that her eight-year-old son is seeing dead people in the family’s new home. Ryan has a deep connection to this child before they even meet, as he too was terrified by paranormal experiences as a kid. Ryan and the PRS team travel to the client’s home, interview the family and child and investigate to determine if there is evidence of paranormal activity or if what they are witnessing is just the imagination of a child. As if this wasn’t enough for a paranormal investigator to handle, Ryan must be back in time for his Economics class the next morning.

If you are into Ghosts and reality T.V about the paranormal this seems to be a show to check out, Paranormal State as the show is called follows the team around the country on their quest for answers in the paranormal.

Read More at; Ghost Village

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King of the Hill

Death comes for us all, even Cotton Hill — though it took a few tries. The proud Texan and all-around cuss survived WW Deuce (as he’d call it), the disgrace of never having the son he wanted (sorry, Hank), and a feminism. But in tonight’s episode, it’s the shrimp at a Japanese restaurant that gets him (though falling on a hibachi doesn’t help).

Yep old Cotton Hill gives up the ghost tonight at a Japanese restaurant, and by the way he fakes death also before it actually happened to deny his son any father son bonding, hey wouldn’t you know it.

Tonights Best | TV | Entertainment Weekly

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November 9-18 horrorfest films that will scare you senseless, check out the trailers at this site and get listings for showings in your area.


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Croc Hunter’s ‘Sixth Sense’ About Death – AOL News

According to the article Steve had kind of a sense he would die young, I admit I watched Croc Hunter all the time and I was really shocked to see how he actually did die and not from a poison snake when at times I was sure it would eventually get him but by a stingray and those creatures are not that aggressive, considering he caught the worlds ten most deadly snakes including the most aggressive black mamba, this is a little excerpt from Terri’s interview;

“He wasn’t morbid about it, or awful about it, he was open and earnest about it. We’ve got to accomplish everything we can,” she told Australian Broadcasting Corp. television’s Enough Rope series. “Steve had a real sixth sense about so many things. He had an odd connection with wildlife. He was extraordinarily intuitive with people. I found it all very, I don’t know if ‘eerie’ is the word, but remarkable, certainly.”

Terri Irwin is writing a book about her life with her husband and said she had always tried to joke about Steve’s premonition that he would die before he reached 40.

At any rate I miss watching him, I never watch the re-runs on Animal Planet or Discovery just not the same.

Croc Hunter’s ‘Sixth Sense’ About Death – AOL News

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